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    Welcome to the ZAYNDY website!

    luggage factory,suitcase manufacture

    Service Hotline:177-2449-2178

    Product displayZayndy main dealing with travel hard and soft trolley luggages,backpacks,duffel bags and cosmetic bags.

    Our quality is your safe choicePlate fast, strict production, high efficiency, let you enjoy the quality of bags in a short time!

    • Quality materialsUsing environmental protection materials
    • Good serviceSolve problems for each customer in time
    • TechnologyCreate every detail with heart
    • Direct dealMature technology, stable quality, accurate delivery time

    Zayndy4 Core strengths

    • R&D
    • Quality
    • Stock
    • Service

    R&D Strong abilityHigh technical strength

    With a production plant, manufacturing mature
    All kinds of standards, safety certification and quality assurance.

    • Strong ability
    • High technical strength
    High technical strength
    Stable quality

    Quality Stable qualityThe quality system

    Zayndy Adopts international quality management system, implements European standard quality standards, and maintains the same quality level with samples.

    after-sale service

    Service after-sale serviceQuick problem solving

    Respond to orders quickly and solve problems quickly
    Full intelligent workshop production line to ensure that each order can be delivered on time
    Cooperate with a number of logistics companies, product delivery
    So you don't have to worry about after-sales service.

    Please leave your question!We will contact you as soon as possible!

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    Cooperative partnerWith your trust and support, we will work harder to serve you and achieve a win-win situation!


    NewsLearn about zayndy's bags and information

    About us

    15 Years of quality luggage manufacturers OEM&ODM
         Zayndy continue to develop new products and would love to receive feedback from customers so that  we can continue to build products to meet the needs from market.We also welcome customers provide us their own design for manufacturing in our factory. Aiming to make the travel be easier,at the same time, make our  dream come true.....【More】

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